Empowering respiratory patients

We are dedicated to improving the lives of all those affected by the burden of chronic respiratory diseases.

Patient Resources

Patient support groups including the COPD Foundation, American Lung Association and Asthma and Lung UK have produced a broad range of educational materials to help respiratory patients and caregivers to understand and manage their conditions better.

In addition to materials, these support groups provide opportunities for people to share personal experiences and connect with others facing similar challenges.

This online tool helps people with COPD talk about their symptoms and review their care. It should take about 5 minutes to complete.

A nebulizer is a device that changes liquid medication into a fine mist that can be inhaled into the lungs. It can be inhaled through a mouthpiece or face mask.

Guidance on how to approach exercise when you have COPD. Always check with your Health Care Professional before starting any exercise program.

Developing novel therapeutics for respiratory diseases

We are committed to improving health for respiratory patients.