Key publications of interest relating to our science

Title Authors Journal reference Link
The effect of selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors on guinea pig isoalted trachea and airways obstruction in guinea-pigs in vivo. Spina,D., Ferlenga,P., Biasini,I., Moriggi,E., Marchini,F., Semeraro,C., Page,C.P., Life Sciences. 62: 953-965 (1998). Link
Effect of chronic theophylline treatment on the methacholine dose-response curve in allergic asthmatic subjects. Page,C.P., Cotter,T., Kilfeather,S., Sullivan,P., Spina,D., Costello,J.F. Eur.Resp.J. 12: 24-29 (1998). Link
The role of theophylline and phosphodiesterase4 isoenzyme inhibitors as anti-inflammatory drugs. Spina,D., Landells,L.J., Page,C.P. lin.Exp.Allergy 28(3): 24-34 (1998). Link
The effect of a novel orally active selective PDE IV isoenzyme inhibitor (CDP 840) on allergen-induced responses in asthmatic subjects. Harbinson,P., Macleod,D., Hawksworth,R., O'Toole,S., Sullivan,P., Heath,P., Kilfeather,S., Page,C.P., Costello,J., Holgate,S.T., Lee,T. Eur.Resp.J. 10: 1008-1014 (1997). Link
Low dose theophylline therapy modulates T-lymphocyte activity in subjects with atopic asthma. Jaffar,Z., Sullivan,P.J., Page,C.P., Costello,J.F. Eur.Resp.J. 9: 456-463 (1996). Link
Effects of the non selective phosphodiesterase inhibitor theophylline and a phosphodiesterase type IV inhibitor rolipram on antigen-induced pulmonary responses in allergic rabbits. Gozzard,N., Herd,C.M., Blake,S.M., Holbrook,M., Hughes,B., Higgs,G.A., Page,C.P. Br.J.Pharmacol. 117: 1405-1412 (1996). Link
Effect of the steroid budesonide and a novel phosphodiesterase type IV inhibitor CDP 840 on antigen-induced pulmonary responses in neonatally immunised rabbits. Gozzard,N., El-Hashim,A., Herd,C.M., Blake,S.M., Holbrook,M., Hughes,B., Higgs,G.A., Page,C.P. Br.J.Pharmacol. 118: 1201-1208 (1996). Link
Effect of isozyme selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors on the proliferation of murine thymus and spleen cells. Banner,K.H., Bertin,B., Moodley,I., Page,C.P. Pulm.Pharmacol. 9: 35-41 (1996). Link
The effect of selective phosphodiesterase III and IV isoenzyme inhibitors and established anti-asthma drugs on inflammatory cells activation. Banner,K., Moriggi,E., Da Ros,B., Schioppacassi,G., Semeraro,C., Page,C.P. Br.J.Pharmacol. 119: 1255-1261 (1996). Link
Characterization of adenosine receptors in adenosine-induced bronchoconstriction in allergic rabbits. El-Hashim,A., D'Agostino,B., Matera,M.G., Page,C.P. Br.J.Pharmacol. 119: 1262-1268 (1996). Link

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